The importance in our #PPE

We all know PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment! it is a must-have to keep all construction workers safe.

The reasons behind PPE

It is important that these areas of the body are protected. Personal protective equipment (PPE) provides protection from health risks, which can enter the body, via these routes of exposure

  • The skin (e.g. contact with corrosive chemicals)

  • The respiratory system, such as the lungs (e.g. inhalation of hazardous dust)

  • The eyes (e.g. irritating substances).

The respiratory system and eyes are particularly sensitive areas, and serious damage can be caused, particularly when exposed to very hazardous substances e.g.

  • If the skin comes into contact with a sensitizer, then the effect could be long-term and re-occurring (dermatitis).

  • If a corrosive substance came into contact with the eyes, then an individual could become permanently blind.

  • If silica dust is inhales regularly, then an individual could get lung cancer, and the result could be fatal.

All of these incidents would not only influence any work that the individual may be able to carry out, but it would have a major negative effect on other aspects of their life.

AT Onocon, not only do we supply our team with Onocon PPE but we always like to look like a team on and off the sites!

With the appropriate PPE, workers are protected against any potential accidents or injuries that could happen, it also ensures workers on their protection, which will make for better and stronger performance towards all day-to-day tasks.

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