New Royer Reboot Agility boots are keeping Team Onocon safe, comfortable and looking pretty damn cool on site.

Founded in 1934, Royer has truly stood the test of time. Not only are they still in the game, they’re Canada’s last-standing boot manufacturer. Yep, Royer boots are designed, cut, stitched, lasted and soled in Canada.

Louis-Philippe was the creator or Royer, a hard-working and innovative man (he invented his own production equipment instead of importing), unafraid to set his own precedent.

We thought the vintage photos were great, but you should read more about Royer’s history. You can also check out their latest footwear collection on

At Onocon, we’d like to believe that we share this same tenacity and gusto as Louis, in addition to the pride in being a reliable Canadian company. Team Onocon wears Royer boots because they perform. Like our team, the Agility boot is resilient; boasting features in comfort, breathability, waterproof full-grain leather, CSA approved, ultra-lightweight and metal-free. Having reliable gear to keep you safe and perform to the task, makes it easy to focus on your passion. It’s safe to say Team Onocon gives their stamp of approval. #REBOOTCANADA

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