Get in the Crete!

Strong foundations start with The Onocon Group.

Concrete refers too strong building material composed of sand, cement, gravel, and water. The word concrete came from the Latin word " Concretes " which means compact. Concrete is used in many different ways such as, making roads, structures, decorative finishes, floors, walls, etc.

" If you want the best quality for your residential, commercial, or industrial property - build with reinforced construction concrete & get the right professionals behind the job. Our boys have been getting their boots dirty with over 50 concrete projects "

Tools Required for the job:

  1. Circular Saw

  2. Hammer

3. Level

4. Pry Bar

5. Safety Glasses

6. Tape Measure

#TEAMWORK - now we hear this a-lot especially in a company setting but its true! everything you read and hear about this hash tag is true! Teamwork goes along way when completing a project. We at Onocon take pride in our crew & how they work with each other on the job.

  • Communication

  • Consistence

  • Precision

  • Attention to detail

Twice the manpower & twice the work! 💪🏼

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