The Story of the hexagon

Ah, the hexagon. If you have had the chance to visit us at Onocon HQ, you probably noticed our obsession – our front entrance table, the coasters, and yes, even the ice cube trays.

What was the idea behind this little geometric gem? The corner stone (pun intended) of Onocon, building. Our emblem resembles the corner view of a three-dimensional building if you were to be looking at it straight on. See it? It gets better. Rewind back to 2017, Onocon President & CEO, Marco Onorato began our first company, Onocon Developments Ltd. The ‘O D’ initials were incorporated into the emblem too, doubling as the windows of a building. If you can’t envision it yet, don’t panic, here are some photos to connect the dots.

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